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Today, the Relationship School’s Relationship Coaching® program is second-to-none.

By becoming a Certified Relationship Coach at The Relationship School®, you will:

  • Be trained in Interpersonal Intelligence® the only map that shows how relationships really work and how to do them well
  • Get trained in Present Centered Relationship Coaching®
  • Get the cutting edge education on relationship dynamics from Jayson Gaddis, founder of The Relationship School® (so much has been discovered in the last 6 years… it’s an emerging science!)
  • Identify your own coaching blindspots and get support on how to overcome them
  • Learn why you attract clients that push your buttons and what to do about it (hint: it’s got more to do with you than them!)
  • The truth about liability insurance and what you need to cover yourself
  • And much much more!

Course Information

Estimated Time: 9 months

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Logistics and Administration

Module 1: Big Picture and Purpose of PCRC

Module 2: Principles, Goals, Confidentiality, Ethics

Module 3: The Six Client Outcomes and Six Coach Practices 

Module 4: Your First Session and “Be with” Skills

Module 5: Transmission, Motivational Interviewing & Values

Module 6: Personal Responsibility & Deflection

(Available Now) Module 7: Coach Entanglement & Your Agenda

(Available January 11) Module 8: More Support Than Challenge, Resistant Clients, Boundaries with Sexual Abuse

(Available January 25) Module 9: Transmission and The Here and Now